About us

Toodles is one of the most competitive providers in hotel accommodation all around the globe. We have a huge selection of hotels ranging from big chain hotels to boutique hotels.

Whether you’re wanting to plan a hotel in advance or are looking for a last minute deals- Toodles is THE place for the best hotel deals.

Why book with Toodles?

  1. Price - Our prices are extremely competitive and we check this on a daily basis.
  2. Choice - We have a huge selection of different types of hotels on our website; over 150,000 hotels- worldwide!
  3. Customer service experience - we strive to provide the best experience for our clients and you can be rest assured we will assist you throughout the hotel booking process
  4. Website - Our website is extremely user friendly; has been rigorously tested and very easy to navigate round.
  5. Security - Our website is secure and your data is safe using password encryption
  6. Passion - We are passionate about travel, hotels and holidays and love bringing you the latest on new hotels, restaurants, site seeing and tours
  7. Mobile friendly - Why not have the convenience of booking a hotel on the go? You can with the Toodles mobile optimised site! Efficient and cheap!
  8. Easy payment - You can pay in the 3 major currencies (GBP / USD / EUR) - no thinking about exchange rates
  9. Integrity - We believe in our business and value the trust of our clients- we therefore make sure our website, staff, communication, social media is true and authentic at every stage
  10. Communication - no waiting - we send out confirmations asap- great peace of mind for our clients.

Registered office

Only Bidding Limited
20-22 Wenlock Road
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